Historical Fiction


  1. eric bonds
    June 8, 2012

    May this note find you and your wife in good health & elated spirits!
    I’d love to buy a painting from you. You up to selling me one?
    LOVE Historical Fiction series, & so many others.

    I had lunch in Indianapolis, in a sports bar down town by some theaters, (You’ve probably done sets for them). I believe the place was called “Colts”? I’m not sure, in any case, they have a fantastic HUGE carrot cake, that you and your wife could share & still have for lunch the next day! Excellent friendly staff as well!

    Sell me a painting! Talk to me about a commission! I know the holidays were busy, and fella like yourself must always be busy… Just, drop an old friend a short line.

    Did you remember the mice painting you did for me? Can you believe I’ve treasured it all these years? I do, treasure it. But, I’m ready for an up grade. If only I could narrow down which one to buy!!!

    My kindest regards to you, your wife, mom & dad!

  2. Mac Bratt
    June 12, 2016

    These are awesome.

  3. Shari Walker
    September 13, 2016

    Hi Kyle,

    I just saw you and your art on Good Bones and fell in love with your style! I feel your connection to our heritage . The soul of America emanates from your work.

    I look forward to owning a piece of your work one day!


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